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Well hello there!

If you are reading this then you probably have an interest in children's books, our beautiful planet, writing, illustration, self publishing or all of the above!

My name is Emily Hobson- Martin and I am a self published author and illustrator with a huge passion for nature. I am a mum to a toddler who I try my hardest to entertain with a strong focus on our natural world, I'm a youth worker in my 'day job' and I know the struggles of setting up a business whilst juggling everything that modern life throws our way. You can read my ramblings about these things on my blog- if the mood takes you!

I have released three children's books (so far!) the first two- Hilda's Forest and Otto's Ocean. Have an environmental theme and are designed to inspire children to love, respect and protect our environment. My third book, Betty the Bee, what makes me, ME! focuses on feelings and emotions. I offer school and group author visits and readings (which I LOVE doing!) and am always happy to try to answer any self publishing questions- it's a confusing world out there!









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