Environmentally friendly children's books

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Hilda the Hedgehog
Her name means 'warrior' in Norse mythology and she certainly has a battle on her hands! She is the star of the show and helps her friends on her journey through the woods...
Freda the Fox
Her name means 'beautiful' or 'peace'. Freda may have sharp teeth and claws but she is s friendly fox and a great friend for a hedgehog to have!
Delbert the Duck
His name means 'Day' and 'bright' and this plucky duck lives up to this name being a happy chap even with his beak wrapped up in litter...
Meadow the Mouse
Mice love a wild flower meadow and this is what she was named after. She may be the smallest of the friends but she knows what to do when Hilda needs help!
The young Girl
The friends do not know the young girls name but they know that she was there to help. She knows how to love, respect and protect her planet and will teach her human friends to do the same...
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