Environmentally friendly children's books

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Our Story


I am Emily- the human behind Hilda the Hedgehog,

Otto the Octopus and their adventures!

I have always loved nature, wildlife and being outdoors

and my goal is to inspire others, particularly the next

generation, to do the same- and it certainly needs some love!

I live with my family in a beautiful area of the UK and love

nothing more than to get out in nature.

The trouble is, 'nature' for my children is not quite what it

meant to me as a child- and now for that matter- and that is just not good enough. This is what has inspired me to create this series of children's books which will hopefully grow to include many more to explore a whole host of habitats, creatures and environmental issues that need addressing. When I am not being a mum and writing books, I am a Youth Worker- supporting Young People with a whole range of things that they might need help with. I really hope that you and your little adventurers enjoy my books and that they are inspired to look after our planet, and the wildlife, plants and people that inhabit it. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. I love to chat!

Our Ethos... (in case I didn't cover it above)


This bit is really simple...

We believe that humans are destroying our planet. We are supposedly the most intelligent species on it yet we can't quite grasp the concept that if we carry on the way we are going, there will not be anything left for us, our children or our grandchildren. Depressing eh?


This bit is even simpler... but more important..

We believe that humans can protect and nurture our planet. We are supposedly the most intelligent species on it so we understand what is going on and have the skills, knowledge and passion to make changes. We can lead by example and, most importantly, teach the next generation to love, respect and protect it so that there will be plenty left for us, our children and our grandchildren. 


Now that's more uplifting isn't it?

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