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Review: 52 tips to reduce waste by Sarah Allen

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I was so pleased when I came across this book because although I like to think I am pretty good at this 'eco' thing, there are always new ways to improve. It is easy to feel unmotivated and overwhelmed by the amount of different things we can do to reduce our burden on the planet, often not knowing where to start or what to prioritise. Sarah has solved that problem for us, curating tried and tested tips in this accessible and

comprehensive guide.

Sarah has used the headings 'eco- credentials, financial- credentials and well- being credentials'. I particularly love the 'well- being' credential as this is often what stops us from making changes- how difficult is it? How it could impact our stress levels?And importantly, Sarah stresses how these tips really can make you feel more content- and I believe her! Just by making one or two changes this year, I already feel like my actions are having less of a negative impact on our beautiful planet and this makes me happy.

The way the book is formatted, with one tip for every week of the year, is really helpful as they link in with seasonal waste implications. You don't have to read it in this way though. It is just as informative being read from cover to cover, or picking it up every now and then to have a quick look and adopt a new habit.

I have already loved making my own deodorant and growing cress and I cant wait to continue using this as my inspiration to reduce my carbon footprint.

To learn more and to download your copy, head to: https://www.rhubarbandrunnerbeans.co.uk/

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