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Short story competition | NATURE

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


I know I know, rules are boring, but if I didn't write some then I am sure I'd be reading about 'Mr fart heads curious alien pancake explosion' (which now I write it could actually be a good book idea and I guess farts are natural.. but.. no...) when instead this is all about NATURE! So here they are:

Open to primary school aged children (of course you are allowed to help them with writing but the story needs to be theirs)

Stories are to be no more than 400 words long but it's ok for them to be a bit less!

The theme is 'Nature'- This could be wildlife, plants, trees, weather... anything 'organic' on our beautiful planet.

I (Emily) will judge the stories on how much they make me smile- not spelling or technical aspects.

UPDATED! ***Closing date is friday 17th April 2020 at 8pm UK time***

Please email your stories to hildasplanet@hotmail.com - you can email a photo or scanned version if hand written.. as long as I can read it!

The winning story will be read on video soon after and shared on my website and social media pages.

Good luck!!! If I have missed anything and you have any questions please let me know by email or message me on social media :-)

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