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Otto's Ocean

Otto's Ocean is the second in the series of books from Hilda's Planet. Follow Otto the Octopus as he makes his way through the ocean and helps his fellow ocean dwellers when they become caught up in ocean plastics. Designed to show children the impact we are having on the worlds oceans- from fishing gear to micro plastics.

Hilda's Forest


Betty the Bee, what makes me- ME!

This bright picture book uses a mixture of simple 'feelings' words along with more complex emotions to encourage children and adults to talk about a wide range of feelings. Betty shows that there are lots of different elements to each individual and we shouldn't be expected to be in the same state of 'being' all of the time.

Otto's Ocean


Hilda's Forest

Based in a British woodland, Hilda the Hedgehog goes on a journey through the forest and helps to free her friends from the rubbish they have become caught up in.

Aimed at 0- 8 year olds, with short rhyming sentences to keep children engaged and having fun!

Betty the Bee,

what makes me- ME!


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The Environmental ones...

Both Hilda's Forest and Otto's Ocean- simple. For the little eco warriors in your life 

Gift set special


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Cheer leader Hedgehog Postcard Print
Because we all need a little motivation sometimes! Perfect to pop in with a gift or a card to perk up a friend, or pop on your desk for a daily reminder that you're being cheered on by your prickly friends!

50p each